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About me

The inspiration for my tile work in clay is nature and the Japanese art of Ikebana.  My connection to nature was shaped mostly through experiences growing up as a daughter of a country veterinarian in rural Michigan.  I played in forests and cornfields, cross-country skied across flat pastures, swam in the Great Lakes and witnessed the life cycle of large and small animals.

This connection to nature deepened during my three-year stay in the snow-county of Japan where traditional arts echoed the spirituality and beauty of nature.  During my time in Japan, I studied traditional arts including two schools of Ikebana, using branch and flower material to recreate an edited and enhanced version of the natural world.

Connecting to nature and recreating its beauty brings me joy.  My hope is that my work will inspire others to pause and connect with nature too.  I believe that art can be everywhere and nature can be brought indoors.  By creating relief tiles and sculptural vessels, I strive to capture the essence of nature’s lines, forms and space.

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